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Galleria Ponte Veneto Ltd, a London based Procurement Company specialized in Residential and Hospitality projects. We deal with a wide selection of requests ranging from the bespoke projects to standard off the shelf products suitable for the Hotel or residential homes.

Even when sourcing the most challenging bespoke singular element we do so in an efficient timescale while by maintaining excellent quality standards.






Galleria Ponte Veneto, strongly linked to Italy as a manufacturing base, sources from the highest quality suppliers in Italy where craftsmenship is stll an art. Aiming to become our operative tool as we work together with our clients, to achieve only the finest quality for our clients.

Knowledge is our tool but we thrive on the challenge and make it our mission to satisfy our client's dream at the right budget.





Contact us to discuss your next Project and by using our Procurement experience of Design , craftsmenship and excellence to achieve the best results.